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Source of funds

General information

The SOF gives a description of the origin and the means of transfer for funds that are accepted for the account opening and the source of the funds that are expected to be received in the account. Please note that a SOF needs to be completed and signed for each separate account if the customer has multiple accounts with the Bank. The following are specific instructions for completion of certain matters on the SOF form (and other than the subjects that are self-explanatory):

Source of Funds Table

Please use the below table to state the first deposit amount, along with the source of the first deposit and source of ongoing funding on the account.

Options for the sources of first deposit and ongoing funding can be selected from the drop down boxes.

For example:

For example:

Applicable Transactions

Select all that apply to indicate the type of transaction(s) anticipated to conduct transactions on the account. Note that there are two sections to be completed.

The first one indicated by *, which is specifically related to box “*Source of First Deposit 1” and the second box indicated by ** which is specifically related to box “**Source of Ongoing Funding 2”.


Step 1. First Deposit Amount

The Customer must complete the totaling currency amount of the initial deposit on the account.

Step 2. Source of First Deposit

The Customer must indicate the source of the First Deposit.

Step 3. Source of Ongoing Funding

The Customer must indicate from what source the account will be funded on an on-going basis. Please note in case that an existing MCB Curacao customer is opening a new account and he/or she isfunding this account from an existing MCB Curacao account, the source of Ongoing funding can be fromthis account.

Step 4/5. Transaction Channels

The Customer must state through what means and/or channels the account will be funded (both initially and on an on-going basis):

  • Draft / Cheques
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash Deposit
  • Exchange Currency
  • Loan Payment
  • Online Banking
  • Other (describe)

Step 6. Finalization

The Customer must print his/her name, sign off on the document and fill out the date.

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