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Phishing scam

MCB protects you and teaches you how to protect yourself.

Kon pa detektá email sospechoso:

Nos a tuma nota resientemente di un email sospechoso “Phishing scam” kaminda ta purba konvensé kliente pa klek riba un lenk pa sinkronisá profil di kliente na MCB pa aña 2020.

Pa medio di esaki nos ta kompartí e informashon ku bo, kual nos lo pone tambe riba nos wepsait i página di Facebook di nos Banko,

Netamente pa informá nos klientenan ku nos Banko NUNKA lo manda pidi informashon konfidensial manera kredensial pa Mobile òf Online Banking, password, kódigo di e-Pass, kódigo sekreto (PIN) òf otro informashon konfidensial pa medio di un email òf sms.

Solamente ora e kliente tuma kontakto ku nos, lo pidi’é algun informashon pa verifiká ku ta e kliente konserní. Pero asta na e momentunan ei, nos Banko NUNKA lo pidi pa e kliente su kódigo sekreto òf password. Esakinan ta i mester keda estriktamente personal.

Tuma nota ku si e kliente ta deseá mas informashon kon nos Banko ta proteh’é i kon kada kliente por protehá nan mes, por referí e kliente na nos wèpsait:

Nos ta sigui monitoriá e intentonan aki pa tene nos klientenan i nos koleganan informá pa no bai tras di e tipo di email sospechosonan aki.

Pa mas informashon, por fabor tuma kontakto ku Hendrik Kroon (Security Investigation) tel: 1365

Beware of fraudulent and suspicious email:

We recently discovered a new phishing scam that attempts to convince clients to click on a link to synchronize MCB banking profile for the year 2020.

We will be informing our clients through messages on our MCB website and on our MCB Facebook page so they can spot suspicious email.  

The spam message is ultimately a phishing scam that tries to lure our users to a phishing site to obtain banking account login credentials.

This is how to spot this malicious attempt.

Remember, we will never send you an email or text message to ask for confidential information such as your Mobile or Online Banking username, password, e-Pass values, your PIN code or any other personal information. Only when you call us about an issue, we will ask you to verify some of your information, for us to validate you as a genuine client. But even then, we will never ask for your password nor PIN code. These are and should stay strictly personal.

To learn more how MCB protects our clients and how clients can protect themselves please visit

For more information please contact Hendrik Kroon (Security Investigation) tel: 1365