Private Banking & Investment Services

Private Banking & Investment Services (PBIS)

PBIS aspires to be your first choice as the trusted provider of premier banking and investments services.

PBIS offers a full range of private banking services including personal loans, mortgages, depository products such as certificates of deposit, call accounts, checking and savings accounts in Antillean Guilders, U.S. Dollars and Euros. PBIS clients can apply for premium international and local credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Kompa Leon. Clients are assisted with one time or recurring international and local bill payment and wire transfer services as well as hold mail and special handling of their correspondence.

Investment services are an integral part of the PBIS offerings. Investing is an attractive way to build your net worth whether it is for retirement, education of your children, as part of your estate plan, to meet stated corporate investment goals or to ensure meeting the charitable needs of your foundation. Our professionals can assess and manage your existing portfolio and assist you in developing an investment plan that suits your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We will guide you through a six-step process from understanding your needs and goals, assessing your financial situation, developing tailor-made recommendations, documenting and presenting solutions, implementing your strategy and monitoring your portfolio and suggesting periodic adjustments to ensure that your investments remain in line with achieving your goals.

Our investment advisors work with some of the world's premier Asset Managers, Traders and Custodians to ensure the best investment products, efficient execution and custody of your investments. We are also market maker for local securities in the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX)