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Kompa Leon Gift Card

The perfect gift for all occasions!

The perfect gift for all occasions!

  • Is in local currency ( NAf.)
  • Is valid for 12 months after purchase
  • Available in amounts of NAf. 25,- up to NAf. 500,-

Ensure approval of you purchases before you go shopping.
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  • Easy to use prepaid card
  • Can be used at all Kompa Leon accepting merchants
  • The freedom to choose the gift you desire
  • Accepted at PAGOmatiko merchants

Fees / Other

  • Purchase Fee:  NAf. 5.30 (OB 6%)
  • Maximum Load: NAf. 500,-
  • Validity: 1 Year after purchase

Looking for the perfect gift?

For orders of 10 Kompa Leon Gift Cards or more, complete the order form and forward the completed and signed form to