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MCB's New Sambil Branch

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank announces opening of new Branch in Sambil

Press Release


Maduro & Curiel’s Bank is excited to announce the opening of an MCB branch in Sambil during the second half of 2024. This new branch will significantly improve customer experience, and will replace the Sta. Maria Branch which will be closing permanently once the Sambil location opens.

We are committed to uninterrupted service and convenience for our clients during the transition to this new location. At Sambil, our customers can expect a comfortable and accessible location, ample parking, and all of our product and service offerings. Key features of the new branch will include an updated Bankomatiko/ATM machine with enhanced deposit capabilities, and our merchants can take advantage of our 24/7 Deposit Service.

Chicu Capriles, President & CEO commented "We are excited to bring a modern banking experience to our clients with the opening of our new branch in Sambil. This move aligns with our vision of providing excellent service and convenience to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We will continue communicating with our customers with regard to the opening of our new Branch at Sambil and the closure of our Sta. Maria Branch". He continued to note that

" Our Bank remains committed to innovation, customer satisfaction and strengthening our presence to better serve our clients across various locations”.

The CEO of Sambil, Mr. Jonathan Cohen, is equally excited about this partnership: “We are thrilled that with a focus on modernization and convenience, MCB aims to enhance the overall banking experience for individuals and businesses. And we are excited that our Sambil mall has been chosen to be part of this process”

Komunikado pa Prensa

MCB ta anunsiá apertura di un filial nobo na Sambil

Willemstad – MCB ku plaser ta anunsiá apertura di un filial na Sambil durante e di dos mitar di aña 2024. E filial nobo aki lo mehorá e eksperensia di klientenan signifikantemente i lo remplasá e filial na Sta. Maria ku lo sera permanentemente ora e lokalidat di Sambil habri.

Nos ta komprometé na un servisio sin interupshon i kumbiniensia pa nos klientenan durante e transishon pa e lokalidat nobo aki. Na Sambil nos klientenan por spera un lokalidat komfortabel i aksesibel, bastante lugá di parker i tur nos produkto i ofertanan di servisio. Karakterístikanan prinsipal di e filial nobo lo inkluí un mashin di Bankomatiko/ATM ku kapasidatnan mehorá pa kliente depositá i nos komersiantenan por hasi uso di nos Servisio di Depósito 24/7.

Sr. Chicu Capriles, Presidente i CEO di Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, a komentá: "Nos ta entusiasmá pa trese un eksperensia bankario modèrno na nos klientenan ku e apertura di nos filial nobo na Sambil. E paso aki ta parti di nos vishon di sigui brinda servisio ekstraordinario komo tambe ofresé kumbiniensia pa nos klientenan i pa nan nesesidatnan ku ta sigui kambia ku tempu. Nos lo keda komuniká ku nos klientenan tokante e apertura di nos filial nobo na Sambil i klousura di nos filial na Sta. Maria”. El a kontinuá indikando ku "Nos Banko ta keda komprometé na inovashon, satisfakshon di nos klientenan i fortifiká nos presensia pa sirbí nos klientenan mihó na diferente sitionan ku nos ta ubiká."

Gerensia di Sambil, Sr. Jonathan Cohen, tambe ta entusiasmá tokante e partnership aki: "Nos ta hopi entusiasmá ku MCB ta keda pone enfoke riba modernisashon i kumbiniensia pa klientenan. MCB ta sigui mehorá e eksperensia bankario total pa klientenan personal i komersial i nos ta kontentu ku e mall di Sambil ta parti di e proseso aki."

E potrètnan ta mustra e momentu ku gerensia di e dos instansianan ta firma e kòntrakt pa MCB habri un filial na Sambil.

Riba potrèt: Gerensia di MCB i Sambil i algun kolega.

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