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General FAQ

Opening an Account

What are the requirements to open a personal current account?
What are the requirements to open a corporate account?
What are the requirements to open a non-resident (offshore, exempt) account?

Investment Accounts

What are the requirements to open an investment account?
Do you offer online brokerage/trading accounts?

Personal Loans and Mortgages

What are the business hours of the loans and mortgage department?
What are the minimum and maximum ages for applying for a loan?
Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can borrow?
What information do I have to take along?
Can I sign my loan alone or does my husband/wife/partner need to sign also?
Can the monthly payments be made automatically or do I have to come to the bank personally?
How long does it take to pay off a loan?
How long do I have to wait to hear if my application is approved?
What do I have to do should I need a guarantor?
Can I fill out an application at any of the MCB branch offices? If so, what are the business hours?
Once I’ve paid off my debt, can I get another loan?
What to do if I cannot keep up with my payments?
What happens if I need additional funds during the period of my loan?
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