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Open a Personal
Bank Account

Which Current Account is best for you?

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Current Account
Our most popular and widely used service is the Personal Current Account.
Learn more about our Current Account
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Student Account
With the student account your student life becomes just a little bit easier.
Learn more about our Student Account
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Pension Account
You've been handling your own finances all your life!
Learn more about our Pension Account

Which Savings Account is best for you?

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Savings Account
At MCB we can help you grow your hard earned funds by opening a savings account with us.
Learn more about our Savings Account
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Lito Savings Account
Prepare for the future of your kids with a Lito Savings Account.
Prepare your kids for the future
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Junior Savings Account
At MCB, we believe in fostering a culture of financial responsibility from an early age. That's why we're excited to introduce our Junior Savings Account
Learn more about our Junior Savings Account

Read more about our personal bank account option for Non-residents

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Non-Resident Account
Experience the ease and efficiency of opening a bank account digitally in Curaçao, specifically designed for non-residents.
Learn more about our Non-Resident Account
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