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Standing Order Fees

All fees/service charges are subject to OB

Please find below a listing of our fees and service charges for personal accounts, business accounts, and in-branch transactions. Please note that these fees may impact your account(s).

  • Tax (OB) is applicable to Resident Accounts
  • All fees listed below include o.b.

As a special reminder, please note that many of our Bank transactions are offered free of charge or at a lower fee via our MCB Online Banking and MCB Mobile Banking Services, Bankomatiko (ATM’s) and Pagomatiko terminals.

For further questions and inquiries, please contact us at (+599 9) 466 1111 or mail us at [email protected].


Setup Fee


Standing Order to Accounts at other Banks


New Standing Order

Naf 10.60

From Personal, Business or Other Account ​at MCB to MCB Group Banks

NAf 5.30

Cancel/Stop Standing Order

Naf 10.60

From Personal, Business or Other Account at MCB to Other local Banks

NAf 5.30

Change Standing Order

Naf 15.90

From Personal, Business or Other Account at MCB ​to other Banks in Aruba, St. Maarten and BES Islands.

NAf 10.60

Standing Orders own MCB Accounts


From Personal, Business Or Other Account at MCB to own Personal Account

Naf 2.12

Standing Order to Business (Non-Personal) accounts


From Personal, Business or Other Account to other Personal or Business Account or Other

Naf 2.65

Standing Order to Companies with
MCB Account (fee applicable for the ordering customer)

NAf 2.65

Utility Payments


Standing order to Utility companies
(UTS, TRES, FLOW, Curgas, Aqualectra)

NAf 2.65

*All the above-indicated fees are for each standing order and will be drawn from the respective account of the customer.


  • Transfers to own accounts and third parties’ accounts at MCB are free of charge via MCB Online Banking and MCB Mobile Banking.
  • Utility payments can be performed via the MCB Online Banking, MCB Mobile Banking application and at any merchant with a Pagomatiko POS at no additional costs. A list of the Pagomatiko merchants is available here.
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