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Lito Savings Account

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Prepare for the future of your kids with a Lito savings account

Especially designed for children from birth till the age of 18. Open a Lito savings account and start saving today for big expenses such as college tuition, paying for driver’s license or even for their own first place.

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Basic package information
  • Start saving in your child's name from birth.
  • The current interest rate for the Lito savings is account is 3% (*NIR: 3%; **APY: 3.04%).
  • Important note: When your child turns 18 only he or she will have access to and dispose of the funds.
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Required documents
  • Valid identification (Passport, ID)
  • Valid identification document is required for both the minor and parent/legal guardian and declaration of parent/legal guardian
  • Address verification document (utility bill not older than 3 months or an excerpt from a civil registry) from legal guardian
  • Confirmation of income that will be deposited on the account e.g. (salary slip, employment, reference, employment contract) from legal guardian

You can find more detailed information on our General Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Privacy and security
  • The Bank complies strictly with local legislation in all the jurisdictions in which the bank operates
  • The clients information is always treated with the utmost integrity and care for privacy

You can find more detailed information on our General Conditions and Privacy Policy here:


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