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Pension Account - continue to bank safely as you get older!


You've been handling your own finances all your life...

How do you continue to bank safely as you get older? What are the options if, for example, you become ill or less mobile, or if you think digital developments are moving very quickly?

You can easily arrange all kinds of banking matters with online banking or in the MCB Mobile banking app. For example, you can regularly check your balance and debits there.

You find it difficult to arrange your banking affairs on your own. That's why you want to (partly) outsource them. This can be done by giving a trusted person power of attorney for your bank account. This gives him or her the right to act on your behalf.

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Basic package information
  • Personal current account
  • Bankomatiko+ card
  • Access to online banking
  • No monthly fee
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Required documents
  • Valid identification showing nationality (Passport or ID)
  • Address verification document (example a utility bill not older than 3 months)
  • Confirmation of income (salary slip, employment reference, employment contract)
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Security & Privacy

You can find more detailed information on our General Conditions and Privacy Policy here:



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