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Credit Card Email Notifications

Credit Card Email Notifications

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank is continually working to improve to make your banking experience even more efficient and safe. Every time a payment is made with your MCB Visa and Mastercard you will receive a notification by email.

As an MCB Visa and or MCB Mastercard credit card holder you are automatically registered for this free service. The notification email will be send to the email that we have listed in our files.

The notifications are sent from the following MCB email address: [email protected]

If you received a notification of a non-authorized payment or wish to cancel this service, please contact us.

Compressed e mail notification

Email Notification Activation Form

Not activated on email notifications yes, or you would like to activate notifications on another email address?

Then please fill out the PDF form and send it to [email protected]. Please attach a valid ID when submitting this form.

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