Bankomatiko+ Mastercard Debit Card


Bankomatiko+ Mastercard debit card

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Your Bankomatiko/Maestro is upgrading to the new and improved Bankomatiko+ Mastercard debit card. A debit card that is better secured, has a wider acceptance and more benefits for you to use in this vastly changing digital world.

If you are an existing Bankomatiko/Maestro cardholder, activation of your new Bankomatiko+ card is simply with a successful Chip and PIN transaction. If you are a first time card recipient, you must use the included new PIN to perform your first transaction. Now you’re ready to use your Bankomatiko+ card in all stores worldwide, for online purchases or at all ATM’s where Mastercard or Cirrus is accepted.

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You can now also change your existing PIN at our MCB Group ATMs or any ATM location supporting this feature.

You can process transactions with your Bankomatiko+ card with: Chip & PIN, Tap & GO, Tap & PIN and now also for online purchases. Simply follow the instructions on the POS terminal, ATM or fill in the required information on the website to complete the payment.

When you receive your card, please read the card instructions on your Cardmailer for detailed information regarding online purchases

Your Bankomatiko+ card is ready to support all your transactions 24/7.

Enjoy….. More of the best!

Bankomatiko+ Card Benefits!


Mastercard Global Service provides emergency card-related assistance, anytime, anywhere, via one toll-free phone call.

Purchase Protection provides reimbursement for theft and/or accidental damage of a purchased item within 45 days of the original purchase (max $500 per occurrence). Purchase must be made with an eligible Mastercard card.

Max $100 per year

Max $1,000 per year

Cell Phone Protection provides reimbursement for Damage or Theft of a cellular phone ($400) when the monthly (post-paid) bill is paid using the eligible Bankomatiko+ Premium Mastercard issued by the Bank.


Max 2 events per year

MasterAssist reimburses medical expenses, hotel convalescence, emergency family travel costs, and more. Common carrier tickets must be purchased with an eligible Mastercard card.


Luggage protection Insurance reimburses Cardholders when luggage they check in for travel on a common carrier is delayed (up to $600) or lost in transit (up to $3000). Assistance to locate lost luggage is also available. This coverage is in excess of common carrier’s liability coverage. Common carrier tickets must be purchased with an eligible Mastercard card.


Trip inconvenience coverage for delayed ($200) or cancelled trip ($3000). This coverage is in excess of common carrier’s liability coverage. Common carrier tickets must be purchased with an eligible Mastercard card.


All the Card Benefits mentioned in this table are governed by Mastercard, are subject to change without prior notice and are subject to separate Term & Conditions.

Bplus card benefits

Card Features

PIN Code

Your current Bankomatiko PIN will continue to work with the new Bankomatiko+ debit card. If you are a new client you will receive a new PIN with your card.

For new, lost or stolen Bankomatiko+ cards, our Bank will provide a PIN number for this Bankomatiko+ card. You can change this Personal Identification number at any MCB Group ATM.

For Bankomatiko+ cards that are being replaced because they have expired or are damaged, the current (old) Personal Identification Number (PIN) will remain valid.

Want to change your PIN?

You are able to change your PIN at all MCB Group ATM’s (Bankomatiko) or other ATM’s that support the PIN change functionality after your card has been activated.

Card Security

The Bankomatiko+ debit card complies with all the safety standards required by Mastercard International.

The use of the card is subject to daily limits and the Bank provides 24x7 transaction monitoring. In addition, the bank will send out an e-mail alert for all transaction attempts made with your card.

Lost or stolen card

The Bank offers 24x7 support for lost and stolen reporting or card blocking. If your card is lost or stolen please notify The Bank as soon as possible.

Get Rewarded

The Bankomatiko+ Standard and Bankomatiko+ Premium cards are eligible to earn Fun Miles when making purchases at local merchants.

You will continue to earn Fun Miles if your Bankomatiko/Maestro card was already registered and linked to Fun Miles. To link a new Bankomatiko+ card to your Fun Miles card, please use the browser (website) version of our MCB Online Banking Service.

Card activation

Your card will be activated automatically with the first successful PIN use at a POS or Bankomatiko (ATM). By activating your new Bankomatiko+ card you agree to accept our General Terms & Conditions.

Foreign currency transactions with your Bankomatiko+

Starting in June 2024, when you use your Bankomatiko+/Mastercard debit card to purchase an item online or at a store (using the Point-of-Sale terminal) in a foreign currency (excluding NAf., AWG, USD) and choose your Savings account for the payment, an extra 5% will be added during authorization to cover currency exchange fluctuations.

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