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General information

The TPR is used to obtain information from the Customer to set up a profile of expected activity on the account(s), both in terms of the value and volume of anticipated transactions, in order for the Bank to monitor transactions against this profile.

Please note that a TPR needs to be completed and signed for each separate account if the customer has multiple accounts with the Bank.

The following are specific instructions for completion of certain matters on the TPR form (and other than the subjects that are self-explanatory):

Step 1. Basic Information

This section is applicable for the Single Personal TPR. The Customer must complete the following basic information on the TPR:

  • Name of the accountholder
  • Address of the accountholder
  • Date
  • Account number and currency of account

Step 2. Product Type

The Customer must select one of the following product types, to indicate what type of account the customer will open:

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Time Deposit

Step 3. Purpose of Account

The Customer must select one or more (if applicable) of the following options, to indicate what the account will be used for:

  • Income
  • General Expenses
  • Savings / Investments
  • Other, please specify________

Step 4. Estimated number of incoming/outgoing transactions

The Customer must state the number of anticipated monthly or annually incoming transactions on the account and the frequency of this (how many times per month or per year).
NOTE: If this information is provided in a different frequency than the ones listed (e.g. daily or quarterly) this must be completed manually by the Bank Officer.

For example:

-John Doe receives a salary of USD 2.000, - 1x monthly.
He also receives rental income of USD 800, - 1x monthly for
renting out his apartment.
His estimated volume of incoming transactions is monthly 2x.

-Jane Doe receives a pension of USD 3.000, - 1x monthly.
Her estimated volume of incoming transactions is monthly 1x.

Step 5. Estimated largest incoming and outgoing activities (in amounts)

Have the Customer use this section to indicate the estimated largest incoming and outgoing activity in amounts, the largest incoming and outgoing cash activity in amounts, and the largest incoming and outgoing wire activity in amounts.

Please state what the expected highest deposit/withdrawal amount on the account will be (and then on a monthly or annual basis as indicated above).

These estimations should be done by the customer based on his/her regular incoming and outgoing activity. This means that any ‘one-time’ incoming or outgoing transactions outside the regular profile of the customer should be excluded.

For example:

John Doe receives a salary of USD 2.000, - monthly. However, this year he is expecting to receive a one-time lump-sum payment of USD 25.000, - . This ‘one-time’ incoming transaction should be excluded from the regular incoming activity.
John Doe’s estimated largest transaction is USD 2.000,-.

Step 6. Finalization

This section is applicable for the single TPR.
The Customer must complete his/her name, position, the date, and sign off on the document.

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