Private banking investments

Required documents when opening an account

When opening an account we will need certain documents to complete the process. Please find below more information on the required documents both for natural persons and legal entities.

Required identification documentation for natural persons

Required Identification documents for legal entities

Required identification documentation for natural persons

If you wish to open a personal account with the Bank it is important to provide our representative with the undermentioned documents:

1. An (original and valid) identification document:

  • Identification Card;
  • Driver’s License; or a
  • Passport.

Note: For non-residents we only accept a valid passport.

2. A recent (original and valid) address verification document:

An address verification document is a (recent) document that can be used to confirm the address that one is currently residing at. Such documents are for example:

  • Utility bill;
  • Tax assessment;
  • Bank statement;
  • Excerpt of the Civil Registry.

The aforementioned information should be included when completing an account opening process. Other important information that the Bank will request prior to establishing a relationship:

3. The source of funds that are expected to be deposited into the account.

4. In some instances, the source of wealth of the applicant will also have to be established.

5. The Transaction Profile Report, indicating the purpose of the account and how many (incoming and outgoing) transactions will occur on the account.

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